$ 325.00

The Standard Blade is the heavy duty companion bushcraft knife that pairs with the SIGMORA. This is designed for all the heavier bushcraft tasks you might run into in the field. We tell our students that 80% of your bushcraft knife work will be done with your Scandi grind blade, because it is best designed for carving and detail oriented bushcraft tasks.

The only problem with a Scandi grind blade, is that they aren't designed for heavy duty work due to the profile of the blade. The scandi is so good for carving because it has a thinner edge and less material for wood to drag on but that also makes it less strong that our Saber grind blades. The Standard is for those heavier tasks such as chopping limbs, batoning, making bone tools, and other tasks that would be very hard on a thin edge.

"Two is one and one is none", is our motto! Meaning you should be carrying two blades on you at all times and each blade should have a different purpose. Your most important bushcraft knife is your scandi grind knife, and your second most important bushcraft knife is your saber grind. These blades should also be paired with a folding saw, ferro rod, and hatchet. If you have all these woodworking tools, then survival becomes so much easier. All your survival needs are manufactured from things you find in the wilderness and you need high quality bushcraft tools in order to be able to process that.

*Attention: If you only have the budget for one knife, we recommend getting the SIGMORA first. You can always pick up the Standard later when you have the extra money.

Standard Specs:

Steel: 3/16" Thick O1 Tool Steel

Blade Length: 5 1/4" blade length

Overall Length: 10"

Grind: High Saber Grind

Spine: Very sharp 90 degree spine

Pommel: Fire making tinder scraper

Handles: Green Canvas Micarta, un-polished for increased grip. Bow drill divot is added for those interested in doing friction fire more easily.

Sheath: Included is a custom leather sheath. Custom Kydex Sheaths are available through Integrated Survival Systems.

***Warranty- All Blackfeather knives have a lifetime warranty. Obviously it is only warrantied from normal wear and tear. Any damage that is determined to be abuse will not be warrantied. These knives are built with the intentions of passing on as an heirloom so we stand behind our work 100%.

***Free Sharpening- All knives can be sent back in for free sharpening. If you want the full spa treatment to restore your blades back to almost new, then that will be a small fee.

Let's talk about price: For many people spending $325 on a knife seems like a lot of money. But the number 1 survival tool you can carry in the woods is a good bushcraft knife and we think this is one area you should never skimp on price. This is literally the most important tool for your survival in the wilderness. We always tell our students that you should, "Buy Once, Cry Once". It is better to spend the money on a top notch knife, than to end up going through lots of cheaper knives in order to find what works best because you will end up spending more in the long run. Of all the things you can spend your hard earned money on for survival, your bushcraft knife should be your top consideration. If you find yourself dumped into the river and all your equipment is washed down the rapids, you will at least have your knife and firestarter at your side. The knife enables bushcrafters to create anything they need in the wilderness if they have the right training and skills. There are many great bushcraft knives out there for a lower price, but a production blade will never have the features and quality of this bushcraft knife. Custom sculpted handles to fit your hand. The best heat treat you can get. A scraper that you can't get on any other bushcraft blade out there. Hand made sheath and a great attention to detail in the whole blade making process. This just isn't something you can get from a manufactured knife at a cheaper price. Each knife takes about 10 hours to create and for craftsmanship like this, it is never going to come cheaply. American Made and produced! Lifetime warranty and free sharpening!


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