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The Hults Bruk brand is well known for creating high quality swedish steel axes for a good price. The Tarnaby is our recommendation if your on a budget and want a good quality bushcraft hatchet. It's not as high quality as their premium line of axes but is none the less a fantastic hatchet for the beginning bushcrafter, that should last you a lifetime. Most people have no need to carry a full size axe for basic bushcrafting needs and we recommend a hatchet with a handle length of 12-18" depending on where you are in the world. Most people won't need to chop large amounts of firewood, so your axe will mainly be used for small to medium duty chopping needs. If you find yourself regularly in cold weather conditions where raging fires are needed to stay warm, then we recommend a larger handled axe such as the Akka Forest Axe.

If you intend to take our survival courses, then this sized hatchet is all you really need for most of the skills we plan to teach you in our survival classes. The Almike Hatchet is also a great option if can afford to spend a little more and your looking for better steel, better handle, and better overall quality.

Product Specs

Overall Weight: 2 1/5 lbs.

Head Weight: 1 1/4 lbs.

Handle Length: 15"

Head: Solid Swedish steel

Extra Recommendations: It's always a good idea to increase your grip when using an axe and one of favorite things to do is wrap our axe handles in tennis grip tape. They are extremely grippy when wet or sweaty and only cost a few bucks from your local sporting goods store. It's also not a bad idea to mark out a ruler with a sharpie pen on the back of your axe handle so you have a measuring device in the wilderness. You can also wrap some paracord near the axe head to protect the wood and to insure you always have a bit of cordage on your tool should you be caught without any. Also since this isn't a premium line of axe, it won't come as sharp from the factory, so we recommend getting a file and putting custom profile on it to your liking.

Handle: Solid American Hickory



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